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Tips to Choose the Best Bed and Breakfast Hotel


A comfy staying can make your trip relaxing and stress-free. Choosing the right hotel is something that you should pay attention to before planning the whole trip. Planning to stay at a bed and breakfast hotel in Naivasha? Don’t spend money on those hotels which are failed to provide you right service. Before you do […]


Realistic Reasons to Choose Guest House Instead of a Hotel [Must Read]


Looking for budget-friendly vacation planning? Save money and enjoy get the homely feeling at guesthouses in Naivasha town. Every time you go on a trip, the thought of staying in a costly hotel making you anxious. You may be looking for a pocket-friendly one that offers a homely ambiance. The guest house is always way […]


Cheap Hotels In Naivasha Kenya for a Perfect Holiday Mode


Spending vacations with your dear ones under the bestowed of nature is an amazing experience. We are so engrossed with our busy schedule that taking time out for vacation seems to be a distant dream. But when you get such an opportunity in places like Kenya, then obviously you will think of the best possible […]


Get luxurious guest houses in Naivasha Town

Naivasha is one of the most beautiful and heavenly places on the earth; primarily, this place is famous for the Hell’s Get National Park and the beautiful lakes. If we look the whole year, tourists keep visiting this place. So, sometimes getting good guest houses in Naivasha Town becomes difficult. So, on the off chance, […]


Spend your off days in Naivasha Hotels and Feel the Luxury

Breakfast at Triple Eden Resort

Naivasha in Kenya is one of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. Naivasha is mainly famous for its lakes and the Hell’s Gate National Park. The beauty of Naivasha’s environment, culture, and wildlife act as a gateway to a new world at the heart of the country’s tourism sector. The place is full of greenery, […]


Best Naivasha Hotels For Vacation-Get The Ultimate Vibe

Vacations are always fascinating with dear ones in a calm and serene climate. We are so busy with our daily schedule that it’s difficult to take time out. However, visiting some exotic tourist spots of Keniya can be a mind-boggling experience. The cheap Naivasha Hotels in Kenya will get you covered. Therefore, follow this content […]


Tips for choosing an Affordable hotel in Naivasha

Affordable Hotel in Naivasha

The most important decision you will make is to book a hotel room for a few days of relaxation. When selecting or booking an affordable hotel in Naivasha, there are a few things to keep in mind. These elements will ensure that your stay is as fun and enjoyable as possible. 1. The Hotel’s Location […]


Top 4 Camping Sites in Naivasha You Shouldn’t Miss

Campsite in Naivasha

If you are visiting Kenya or planning to take a trip to this African country, camping in Naivasha is mandatory. This town lies in close vicinity to Nairobi and that’s why going on camping treks wouldn’t be a difficult option for you. Most of the camping sites in Naivasha consist of several adventurous zones like […]


Triple Den Resort One Of The Best Hotels In Naivasha, With A Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Kenya is one of the most attractive tourist places. The tourist visits to retreat within the beauty of nature, culture, and wildlife of Kenya. Before leaving for holidays with families and friends a person always expects to spend some good and quality time. The exotic ambiance of Triple Eden Resort Kenya ensures the best comfort […]


Swimming Pool at a Naivasha Hotel

The newly commissioned Swimming Pool at a Naivasha Hotel is a few minutes drive from Naivasha Town. The hotel is located about 6 minutes drive from Naivasha town. Its is about 3 minutes from Old Naivasha Road – South Lake Road Junction. Swimming Pool at a Naivasha Hotel The swimming pool has a baby pool […]