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Top 4 Camping Sites in Naivasha You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 4 Camping Sites in Naivasha You Shouldn’t Miss

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If you are visiting Kenya or planning to take a trip to this African country, camping in Naivasha is mandatory. This town lies in close vicinity to Nairobi and that’s why going on camping treks wouldn’t be a difficult option for you. Most of the camping sites in Naivasha consist of several adventurous zones like rock climbing, cycling, bird watching, game drives, and others.

This is why most people at least embark on two or more camping treks while visiting Nairobi or Naivasha. In this article we will give you a small glimpse about the top Naivasha camping sites that you should at least take a look at.

Lake Naivasha Crescent Camp

This particular camping ground is one of the most luxurious sites in the entire Naivasha town and its outskirts. The entire place has a shed made from canvas material. Since the area is quite big, twenty large tents can be set up at a time. Surrounded with trees, wooden furniture units, and the Lake Naivasha, this place shouldn’t be ignored at all.

Hell’s Gate National Park

One of the most popular camping sites in Naivasha is that of Hell’s Gate National Park camp. It lies within the Great Rift Valley and offers an excellent view of lofty mountains, rugged valley plains, and the Lake Naivasha. For adventurous camping, this is the ideal place. Here, you will have two gorges, geothermal steam plumes, and also small volcanoes.


If you are looking for an isolated place from the crowds to set up your tent and arrange a camp, no other place will be as magnificent as Oloiden. Due to the silence and serenity that prevails in the atmosphere, Oloiden is known to be one the finest camping sites in Naivasha. You need to set up the tents near the Lake Oloiden, thereby enjoying a perfect view of the clear lake water with the sky’s reflection on the top. Cycling and strolling are the two most popular activities in this camping site.

Crayfish camp

The Crayfish camping site is present near the Lake Naivasha where the crayfish population is dominant. It offers fishing activities, and hence do not forget to carry your own gear. The camping ground is quite posh, with green grass covering the soil and trimmed down to perfection. You can even go on horse riding and boating at the Crayfish Camp. Take a stroll around the lake and enjoy the serene atmosphere.


Some of these camping sites are ideal for adventurous activities while some have become popular for family and leisure activities. So, based on what you want to do during your journey to Naivasha you need to choose the camping location. Rest assured, with a proper itinerary, you will definitely enjoy camping at any of these places and experience what it feels like to stay out in the open and become a star gazer or enjoy the camp fires.

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